Feel so lost

I lost my mum on the 28th June 18, she was only 58, she had cancer twice. She went through hell over the last two years. I spent 3 weeks with her, held her hand when she took her last breath. The funeral is on Thursday, I’m scared that will send me over the edge.

Hello Snowy

You must have had a terrible 2 years with your mother. In time you will be so glad that you spent so much time with her and were with her at the end. It must have given her great comfort to have you there.

I felt the same about the funeral and dreaded it, but on the day it was much easier than I expected. Most people are very supportive and I’m sure you will find it comforting to give your mother a lovely, respectful service with her family and friends there.

You will get through it, take care Jx

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