Feel worthless and alone

My partner of 22yrs passed away on
5 /5 /2022 after battling stage 4 cervical cancer for 3 years.
For those 3yrs I was by her side and witnessed every stage of this cruel disease.
It was so hard to keep quiet and tell friends nothing about her cancer, as my partner wanted no fuss and attention from no one.
My partner was a fighter and never complained about treatment even though she had a permanent cathata fitted and 2 kidney stent which needed replacing every 3 months.
As a carer for her I felt needed and important as she was unable to do most things herself.
Now after her passing, I feel worthless and alone.
I used to work very long hours, so she did everything to keep the house going.
Paying bills, buying presents for birthdays and Christmas,organising holidays, she did everything.
When her bank account was closed I thought I would be able to organise the withdrawal of monies within her account.
How wrong I was, I collected her death certificate, I was her next of kin, I lived and loved her for 22yrs, but was told I had to be a blood relative to sort out the banking and was also told by staff at the bank that anyone could collect the death certificate, how worthless that made me feel.
Since her passing, I have had nothing but problems.
With my partner having such a big role in the running of the family home and her name attached to everything that requires a contract, my life has gone upside down.
I miss my partner so, so much and I don’t think I will feel any better further down the line.
I think of her all the time and at the age of 42 she was taken to soon.
I wanted her to be there as we grew older together.
Our son has so many mile stones to achieve through his teenage years, education, dating, work and grandchildren.
I feel worthless and alone without my love,
She was my rock and I am nothing by myself.


You are not worthless you’ve lost your partner and what would have been your future. Be kind to yourself ask for help talk to your GP and see if someone can help sort out the household finances with you. Take care keep posting on here x

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Vonde it is just so horrible. No wonder you feel how you do without her, it’s a massive loss to lose your partner. Some days I couldn’t do anything and other days I had more power and then I could.

it’s horrible that the soulless companies make things even worse for us when trying to deal with the sAdmin that just rubs it in even more how alone we feel without our partners.

I still haven’t changed everything into my name even now 2 years later.

Good luck and you’re not alone in your experiences, your feelings are valid and normal.


Are you ok. I have not heard from you fir so long. Please get in touch