Feeling a bit sad😢

It’s my twins anniversary fri
Lost twins long time ago but anniversary Christmas difficult
Cant talk to family about it about any of this post
But because of virus/restrictions went to the cemetery yesterday
Felt better after laying flowers brought big bubble baloon with white feathers and there names on it
Got me thinking again how much I malaise miss my dad and mum in law they died this year
Then exhusband move back in and no job
Sometimes feel empty inside/lostinside😢


I am so sorry, it must be very hard for you, although I feel sure the people we love continue and are just on another plane of existence that does not prevent the feeling of loss. Sometimes we just have to be extra kind to ourselves, sometimes we have these low lulls before something comes to help continue with a new purpose. Never forgetting but building on the love and sorrow. Sending you a big hug, Alice

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