Feeling adrift

Dose anyone else have the moments when all you can do is sob for the person you have lost. Its been 3 and a half years but tonight for no reason I was in floods of tears, it just overweled me and the grief was there. There was no stopping it I was just lost and alone


yes adrift … I float along untethered without my loved ones no longer available to me.


Vicky, the answer is yes and to be honest I have no idea why somethings set me off and others don’t. I am further along this difficult road and still have times I just sob and it’s difficult or impossible to understand. Take care yourself and always have a box of hankies ready. S xx

Yes, @Vicky1972 I do, there is no rhyme or reason to start the tears. I can hear the same piece of music two days running, one day I’m okay the next in bits. X

Hi Vicky

After 9 years I no longer break down in tears, but that doesn’t mean that my heart has stopped sobbing.

I keep busy and when I stop the sobbing can start at any moment.

It’s a price worth paying for the life we had and the one I lost.

Best wishes

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