Feeling alone tonight

Some days good days some are bad today a bad day not coping at all miss my husband so much he died 3rd may this year

Hi @Lunasandey
I’m sorry to hear you lost your husband so recently. It must be so hard to bear and especially on these bad days.
I’ve had a bad couple of weeks but today felt a little better but I understand how challenging the evenings can be - actually all day and night is hard isn’t it.
Keep posting on here for support and just to offload. Plenty people here to listen and I find it helps to not feel so alone.
Sending some strength for the rest of the day. Xx

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Thank you I can’t put in to words how I feel numb is one think I’m just existing at minute I miss meal times his jokes we would being married 24 years in September 25 years 26 th August just want the pain to go away I visit his grave don’t seem real I am

We all know how you feel. It is hard to come to terms with and feeling lost and alone is totally normal. Ive been like it since my husband pased in April of this year. I cant 5ell you it gets better as im early in the grief as you. What i can say is, in time we will learn to live with it. :people_hugging:

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Thank you for your kind words