Feeling alone when everyone else is happy.

I am a cup half full type of person most of the time. I always say yes and help others when I can. But I’m feeling very alone. Life is full of drains and radiators and I want to be a radiator.
It’s just tough at the moment to keep up the front. I feel like life has lost its joy and colour. Of course forever changed anyway but it’s getting harder not easier. Please don’t feel you have to reply I just had to feel I could tell someone thanks x


I’m four months into this journey and the “ups and downs “ still take me by surprise. Just when I feel I’m getting somewhere I have a really bad day.

I think the changing season isn’t helping. The day my husband died suddenly was a sunny day and so were the funeral, ashes interment and work memorial days. It feels I’m leaving him behind with the summer and that hurts and feels wrong somehow.

I have had days that haven’t been all consuming, I just haven’t learnt how to get back there when I need to yet.

Keep posting, there’s a lot of support here and sometimes it just helps to know you’re not alone xx

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Don’t feel you have to keep up a front especially on here. I’m six months in from the loss of my son and each day is a rollercoaster, ups and downs. I’m learning to go with it and without these wonderful people on here I wouldn’t be where I am today, keep messaging xx


Hi, sorry your having a tough time. I am struggling with loss too, and after 2 years its still difficult. This week has been bad, have hit a real low.
Grief has made me question everything in my life, job,relationship. Everything that wasn’t perfect before just seems so much worse now.
Don’t know what to do anymore, just know that am so tired of feeling like this.
Of having to put on a brave face around everyone, because thats what everyone expects after 2 years, its exhausting.
Sometimes feel like screaming, i,m not ok, i miss her all the time, and i hate my life without her.
But would anyone actually care.
Just want to feel like i used too, but almost forgotten how it feels to wake up and feel truly happy