Feeling alone

I have never posted on anything like this before but i felt like I wanted to today, I lost my mum last December just before Christmas and I was not with her, I was planning to visit back home in just a few days. She had been struggling with alcohol and depression since both my grandparents died a few years ago, she had been in hospital several times because her liver was failing and in December she had a stroke.

Both my grandparents where also like parents to me and looked after me a lot, with them and my mum gone I dont really have any family left and I feel like I dont care about anything anymore after watching my mum lose herself the last few years.

I am 24 and I am an only child, the only family I have left is my step-dad and an uncle, I just feel really alone now and i miss my mum a lot.

Hello Jonlight. I am so very sorry for your loss. Mum’s are special, aren’t they? Regardless of any failings they might have. I lost my mum in December 2012. She was 85. It sounds like your mum was relatively young which is very sad. You will find many posts on this site, written by people in your situation, people who can understand more than I. Explore the site Jonlight. Just by reading of the experience of others can help bring a little comfort. To know you are not alone in your suffering, in the way you are feeling, can help enormously. I have always found that writing down my feelings and thoughts brings great relief. Love and hugs xx

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