Feeling alone

I am hurting So much but trying to be strong and protect my family I lossed my little sister in January she was more like my daughter and I really am struggling


Hi Sue, pleased you have found this site and that you have had the courage to post, it takes strength just to talk or write about your loss. I lost my sister two years ago and I miss her so much but she was more the mother hen than a sister, I know how it hurts.
We are very good at putting on that brave face for everyone else when all we want to do is cry and talk about that person we loved and aching for. If you think counselling would help then please go ahead because they do help you get over the worst. We have them on here and there is also Cruse and please don’t think you are giving in because you are strong and very brave for posting. Please take care of yourself because at present you are vulnerable. Bless you S xxx