Feeling alone

I know it may sound strange but I feel so alone and totally lost without my dad being here as I saw him every day. How do you smile again when you’re feeling so low?


I’m so sorry. I can’t help. My 18 1/2 year old cat died at the beginning of April followed a few days later by my father who had been ill in hospital for a few weeks. Then my mother was taken into hospital, and then to a nursing home she hates, and through all this my husband was getting iller and he was also in hospital. He died on 20th July. I miss all of them so much and it’s all happened in such a short time that I havent been able to grieve one death before the next. I am very lonely too. I wish I could talk to my father about my cat, and my cat. He would listen and understand and say something wise and calm and comforting. I saw him two or 3 times a week. Not at all the same as every day. Its so painful. All I’m doing to survive is plodding forward and not allowing myself time to think. Pretending theyre still alive even though theyre not. I think slowly the truth will seep into my bones through the cracks.