Feeling alone

My dad died in March aged 54 and I feel really alone with my grief. I have good family & friends but because I’m always the ‘strong one’ people just expect me to be ok. None of my friends have lost a parent so I don’t think they know how to help me. My mum is a mess so I have to be really strong for her.
I just miss him so much & feel no one understands how overwhelmed I’m feeling with it all.

Hi Vicky,

I’m so sorry you lost your Dad in March and that you’re having such a difficult time at the moment. Losing a parent is incredibly painful and your Dad was so young too. It’s understandable that you’re really missing him & feeling overwhelmed at the moment.

Perhaps you should let your friends & family know that you’re not ok at the moment. Even the strong people need to grieve and let others support them sometimes. When my Mum died I focused on making sure I supported my Dad & didn’t let myself grieve for the Mum I’d lost. Yes of course be there for your Mum but you must allow yourself time & space to grieve for your Dad.

Your friends can’t help you in the sense that they can’t make it ok for you or stop the pain you’re feeling. What they can do is listen & make you cups of tea - this will help. Reach out to one of your friends soon & tell them you’re not ok.

There are loads of really supportive people in the community who will understand what you’re going through.

Keep talking to us here & take care. Trudy x