Feeling alone

My husband if 47 years died in February this year. He had a terminal illness but we were coping ok with it. He had been in and out of the local hospice since November but his wish was to come home. We made it happen. I got so much support s as I couldn’t do it myself. He was only home for about a week when he died. As you can imagine I am totally devastated. I feel so lost and have this big hole in my heart I have a wonderful family and good friends but I feel so alone

T.TSo sorry for your loss of your husband.I lost my husband in January 2024 , He had terminal pancreatic cancer which spread to his lungs .When he came home to die he only lasted four days .District nurses came to give him morphine.It is early days for you and i feel your pain…Try and take one day at a time .I know that is not easy as i have found out for myself

Thankyou. Early days for you too. The care

Thankyou. Early days for you too. The care package I had was amazing. It helped so much. I could never have done it on my own.

Thank you for your reply.Best wishes.

My husband passed at home too and we were helped every step of the way by McMillan nurses. They are truly angels

I had carers in 4 times a day plus tut District nurses. The community alarm people were amazing when I needed help through the night. And the McMillan nurses were a life saver. The McMillan nurse was there when my husband passed away. She came and got us and stayed with us all until the undertaker came.