Feeling anxious about the funeral

I lost my mum very suddenly 6 weeks ago and it has been honestly the hardest few weeks of my life. I also lost my sibling a few years ago and although my dad and other sibling are still around, we are so very very different and I am struggling to feel supported because I feel like the only person who really truly understood me was my mum. It’s so lonely to feel like even your family are able to just pick themselves up and carry on but I’m struggling so much.

Although I’ve been through this all not so long ago with my sibling, this time feels a thousand times worse. I think knowing what to expect from the funeral is making me feel so anxious. I have also done almost all of the organising for the funeral and it just feels like so much pressure to get it all “right” and make sure it is the best send off for my mum.


Hello, sorry you are facing another grief journey. I feel I can relate to your situation somewhat. I lost my Mum four months ago and as the Executor of her will, I have been in charge of all the arrangements. I have a brother, but we’re like chalk and cheese really, so I have felt very alone. I have just wanted to get things done as our Mum would have wanted. However, it’s tough doing everything, all the ‘sadmin’ whilst feeling the pain of grief. I don’t have a partner to offload to either, my teenage son is not really an appropriate listener so I have found this online forum useful. I read and contribute with others going through the same experiences. It’s helpful to know everything you feel is understandable and ‘normal’. Sending you strength and courage…xxx