Feeling Depressed

I am coming up on three years since i lost my fince and child.life has not gotten easier but I feel like i will never love some body again.i am only 30 and i deserve too be happy in a way i guess.just my thoughts and i know i am happy alone.thats only because i know i can rely and trust myself to be who i am.i tried to put myself out there but it never worked out as i can not trust another person.

Hello Gilbert Smith
I’m sorry to hear you are feeling so low. To lose your fiance and child must have been terrible for you, such an enormous loss.
Yes, you do deserve to be happy .it must be very difficult for you to meet somebody you can love and trust after what you’ve been through.
After losing my partner of 47 years I know I will never have anyone close again which makes me really sad.
You are much younger than I am and I hope in time you will find somebody to share your life and love with that you can trust.
Take care of yourself, Jx

Hi GilbertSmith,

I’m sorry to hear that you’re feeling depressed. Anniversaries can often bring up a lot memories and difficult emotions and I’m glad you felt able to reach out to this community for support.

I don’t know whether it’s of any interest to you, but we’re now offering free online counselling. Sometimes having that dedicated space to talk about how you’re feeling can make a difference. There’s more information about this service here, if you wanted to find out more.

Take care of yourself and let me know if there’s anything I can do to support you.