Feeling emotional

Hi everyone
I lost my lovely caring son in August this year
He took his own life
I feel very emotional today
I know my Son, Robbie, is with me, I feel his presence
I would love to give him one more hug


You must have loved him very much and you must miss him so much,
especially on a day like today.
There have been many posts recently from people who are grieving for loved ones
who took their own lives. I hope that some of them will reach out to you,
because they can understand best how you feel.
This may seem a strange suggestion, but do you have a piece of clothing or a blanket from him that you could wrap around you?
I know it is not the same as giving him a hug, but it may make you feel close to him.
After my mum passed away, my sisters and I kept some of her clothes, I still wear her coat ,
and it gives me comfort. Others on here have written about making pillows out of clothes.
I hope you have friends and family who support you and showed you their love today.
I am thinking of you, and sending you a virtual hug.

Thank you, Jo, it’s just so nice to remember that others DO understand n that other people have suffered loss too
Bless you
Thank you for replying

What lovely idea making a pillow out of clothes. I would absolutely love to do that with my daughters. But she lived in Iom & I didn’t get to get any of her clothes as her partner had kept us apart for ax years. If you pillows your son slept on that would comfort you . Like us all on here one day at a time. Try my best to avoid anything negative.so my mind just focuses on Laura & her beautiful memories. & would love her . Days have been a struggle. I try my best. Then today my neighbour & I thought my friend. Text asking how I was .,didn’t text back. They don’t understand that I want to die . She then told me something she shouldn’t that my daughters partner is dating. She has absolutely smashed all the good work I’ve done. When will these people get it xx