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I’m new here. My darling partner passed away very suddenly on 15th September. We didn’t live together, but we were together for 19 wonderful years. We were on our ‘normal’ nightly video call, we had only been chatting for just over two minutes when he had a fatal heart attack (confirmed by the postmortem), he was only 53. I was signed off for nine weeks, although I could have had longer. I was ‘fine’, but the festive season (and my birthday) has made me very emotional again. I’m still trying to come to terms with the suddenness of it. Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks for reading!


It’s all such a mixture of emotion I lost my husband in august and like you feel shaken up over Xmas I think it’s the sentimentality, I think we should be easy on ourselves as it’s only a short time ago that our lives were shattered, I’ve decided not to return to work because of the stress and know I have to be kind to myself, sending hugs especially over the next few days xx


Hi, thanks for reaching out. I have a wonderful extended family, I’m particularly close to three of my cousins who have all been there for me. I just don’t know anyone my age who’s gone through / going through this. Although we weren’t married, I truly feel like I’ve been widowed - does that make sense? Also sending virtual hugs to you xxx


Hi Sophie, I’m so sorry for your loss, you don’t have to be married to be widowed, you shared 19 years with a loving partner and that sudden loss is catastrophic. I lost my darling husband Steve in August, very sudden, he went to bed and that was it, they saying it was covid in his system but he had been out of isolation 2 weeks and back to work with no symptoms, he was 48. I am still not back at work, I know i should be but my mind is not all there some days and since he died I have had to get over my birthday and our wedding anniversary and then Christmas, I think work would have been the final straw. I’m hoping to go back in February as I think I need a month to get my head on straight and settle the kids in to a new routine. Anything that you are feeling is right, don’t feel that you are alone, we understand what you’re going through Natasha x


So sorry lost my husband of 44years ago and the pain we all feel is terrible but take of yourself annie x x

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