Feeling empty

I lost my husband a week before Christmas coming up for two years ago my wedding anniversary is next Saturday then the second year anniversary of his passing coming up I hate this time of year everyone so happy and I’m so sad I’ve got some comfort reading some of your stories I don’t feel so alone I still can’t look at photos though it makes it so real I can’t look him in the face I miss him so much it hurts

Hi Fimac

I read your post and wanted to send you a message. Your situation mirrors mine. October used to be my favourite month now it is full of dates of family and friends who have died. My husband died unexpectedly in his sleep 15th October 2017. On Tuesday I visited the cemetery with my sons afterwards we went for lunch and shared some happy memories. Several family members sent me texts to say that they were thinking of us. I held it all together until later in the day when someone I knew asked me how I was and gave me a hug - then the emotions got the better of me.

Today was my Wedding Anniversary. My sons bought me a card and some lovely flowers ( Just like Geoff would have done). This afternoon I have relived every moment of our wedding day as I went through our album looking at the photos. I decided to carry on and pulled out lots of albums of our life together. It made me feel good. I was so lucky - it was 34 years ago we got married - but we knew each other for 40 years. I miss him every minute of every day.

Next Saturday is my birthday. I am going out with some friends for lunch. Geoff will be in my thoughts but being with people who knew and loved him will help as I always bring him into my conversations. When we got married we became a team ((living and working together 24/7) and as far as I am concerned we still are.

I notice you haven’t been on the site long. Do you have any family? How have you coped? I don’t know what I would have done without the love and support from others on here who are in the same position as us. People on here really do understand.

Yvonne x

Thank you yes I have great family support my brother and sister took up golf we go out every week I go to the gym every morning and also speak of Eddie often even though it’s not really sunk in I may get the wedding album out next Saturday and hopefully have a good cry something I haven’t really done yet although at times been so close to me and Eddie also done everything together and that’s what’s makes things harder we were thirty four years together thank you for your support I am finding comfort from this site