Feeling empty

My mother passed away 2 weeks ago. She was only diagnosed 2 weeks before that with cancer l stayed with her 24 hrs a day with her till she passed. I know feel so lost
and empty .

I can really relate to you my mom died of cancer 8 weeks ago ,I took her to clinic and they admitted her 9 days later she passed I didn’t leave her side ,it’s the hardest thing ever , we lived together with my children for 8 years,I now come home it’s empty,do let yourself grieve it’s a horrible journey I know,I’ve had to start doing lots of exercise else I would be trying to go to sleep all the time ,not wanting to do anything,sorry I’ve gone on about me ,but to let you no your not alone xxx laura .

I lost my Mum to cancer in June of this year, it was unexpected and she had a horrible time, encountering all the things she never wanted to before she passed away. Since she has been gone I am finding it really hard to cope with things. I never married or had children, the only family I have left is a sister, but she won’t speak to me now as she is unhappy about my Mum’s will. I am really finding it hard to continue with life and finding it hard to see the point of anything, I’m relying far too much on wine. I feel ashamed that I am revelling in self pity but cannot see a way out of it. I really can’t cope with all this.

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