Feeling exhausted all the time...is this normal?

Hi lovelies, I lost my mum back in February due to Covid. I’m finding that my grief has hit me harder now. I’ve had some weeks where I am so sad and cry for hours, and I also feel exhausted all the time. I’m needing to sleep a lot and yet never feel refreshed, no matter how many hours I sleep. I do suffer with a chronic illness which doesn’t help matters as I get very tired with that, but this exhaustion is something else. It’s a whole other level. Someone at my church told me that she felt exhausted too following the death of her mum and that it will get better. Does anyone else feel like this? Am I likely to be depressed or is it the grief? I’m trying to support my Dad through this time too and my brother who is not coping and often have to keep strong for them both when I’m with them. But in my times alone, I break down. Thanks for your replies in advance. Much love.


Hi @Shoesy, thanks for reaching out and I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your mum. I just wanted to share our Self Help platform with you, as it talks through some of the physical symptoms of grief: https://selfhelp.sueryder.org/support/physical-symptoms-grief/ A degree of exhaustion is normal, but if you’re so exhausted you’re finding it hard to function day-to-day, a trip to the GP might be a good idea to talk things over.

Take care

Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately getting an appointment with the GP is hard at the moment, but I will see how I go.