Feeling forgotten

It was the first anniversary of my little brothers passing on Monday (14th August). I spent most of the day alone and then later found out (through Facebook) that my mum had done a lantern send off. No calls. No texts. Found out from family members that they all got calls inviting them or asking if they wanted a message on the lanterns. Everyone was there. But I wasn’t invited. I was left alone to grieve for my brother


Oh @LJC, I’m so sorry, it’s understandable that you feel forgotten. You deserve care and support.

We’ve written this support page on coping with death anniversaries - maybe there are some ideas for you to remember your brother in a way that feels right for you.

Hopefully someone will be along to offer their support but I wanted you to know that you have been heard.

@LJC Sorry you went through that. Some people are just so hurtful when it comes to delicate situations. I don’t know if they’re intentionally malicious or just that way but you didn’t deserve that. Perhaps you could do your own special thing to remember your little brother that was meaningful to you both. Best wishes. X