Feeling guilty leaving mum after loss of dad.

In February this year My dear dad was told he had lung cancer and with in a week i packed my Home up and me and my partner sold and dumped all are belongings and moved back to my parents, As I work from home it made scene as I could care for dad and take him to appointments. Sad with in a month dad was taken in and on life support for a week and we and mum had to make the decision to turn it off. He was just getting worse,

I was always a daddys girl and he means the world to me, He was only 61 and mums only 55.

Its been nearly 7 months now and me and my Husband (we got married a few months back) I have a ring with dads ashes in so he was with me <3

Me and my husband are living in my old room and its very hard! We can to start a family and we are looking to buy a few hours away as it is cheaper. Mum is happy about it and excited for us, But I just feel so guilty leaving her :frowning:

She has friends and family but its going to be horrible knowing shes alone and lonely In a empty house.

I need to start my life again and i cant do it living in my parents house in a bedroom. The feeling of guilt is constant tho :frowning:

I dunno what to do. Has anybody been through this?


Hi amylou92,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so low. Have you seen this reply that you had from Jen when you posted on this site a little while back? https://support.sueryder.org/community/coping-death-loved-one/losing-my-dad-and-feeling-guilty-about-leaving-my-mum#post-3084