Feeling ill

I’m not sure what title to use here

His birthday passed (30th May) the build up I started feeling so ill with bad stomach pains and pounding headaches - the stomach pains have gone and the headaches seem to be getting worse - I just wonder if anyone else experiences this when birthdays or other dates associated with a passed family member?

My brother would have been 22 on 30th May and passed on 14 August 2022 not even 3 months after turning 21

Hi @LJC I haven’t experienced the symptoms you describe but I hope this webpage gives you some useful information.

@LJC i have found grief to be very physical. Headaches, aches and pain, nausea, flare up in ibs thats been under control for years. When my dad died 8 years ago, every important date for two or three years after would bring the same symptoms back. The mind is a very powerful thing. Having said that, i did check in with my gp which, if its unusual for you to feel like this, might be worth it.

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