Feeling like I have no right to grieve

My grandad has always filled the dad shaped hole in my life, he is my everything. Him and my mama have been married for 61 years this month… He has seemed to be getting very old over the last year and last month took a turn for the worst… he spent 4 night away from my mama In hospital, which was so painful, they have never spent a night apart in over 40 years. He finally came home today, it’s a matter of days. He is old lived an amazing life… he is at home where he wished to be, having an almost perfect end. I feel like I want to scream at the top of my lungs but I can’t… I have never experienced loosing someone so close and I have no idea how to cope, or even if I should be this distressed.

Whatever you are feeling is valid right now. You are living through a situation you have not faced before and there is no guidebook to help. There is no right or wrong way to feel. Allow yourself to react as you feel you need to. There is support here for you when you feel you need it xx Take care and be kind to yourself xx

Thank you, I just don’t want him to leave my mama. My heart aches so much

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It is sad for all of you, just reassure both of them that you are there for them.
I do feel for you, I too had a very long marriage, so I can imagine how they may be feeling.
It is so hard for you too, my grandmother meant so much to me, I still think of her with love and gratitude. AliceA

Thank you it’s comforting to know it’s okay to be this sad xx

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