Feeling lonely

Feeling very lonely, and depleted. I have friends, family but am so alone in the grief.

@Maria3 hi I am so very sorry for your loss I know how hard and devastating it is my partner passed on the 14th of April you will find support and understanding here but may I suggest you also post in losing a partner as you will find others going through the same emotions and understanding what you are going through more I’m often in and out of here so if you ever need to talk I will always reply as soon as I see the message my thoughts are with you and your family stay safe take care

Thankyou, and thanks for the advice.

@Maria3 you are welcome god bless you

everyone on this forum is lonely from grief. Family and friends are good, but most don’t understand the kind of excruciating pain we’re experiencing.
Grief is a personal thing. No short cut. No solution. However reluctant we care, we’ve got to face it, sometimes all on our own. It’s terrifying, especially we have to face it without our soulmate.
Just vent your feeling here. There will be people somewhere who feel the same as you. I hope you feel better that you’re not alone.
Sending hugs…

I always feel particularly lonely first thing in the morning. My adult children tend to be later risers and it always gave me and my husband some peaceful time to have a tea / coffee and a chat and just relax into the day (weekends that is). I used to love the stillness. Now, I dread waking up as it’s another day without him and the peacefulness is just empty and lonely. How has this become my life and how will I keep going for weeks / months / years like this? I a, running out of strength.


Today is Sunday here. My wife and I used to take breakfast on our balcony in the morning, followed by chattering for an hour or 2 until our daughter wakes up at noon. We would then go out and dine in a restaurant. In the afternoon we would lie in bed taking a nap or looking at our phones; it was always peaceful and full of joy; this afternoon it is hot and sunny; everywhere people come out and enjoy the weekend. But I just feel empty and my heart is full of bitterness; I am unable to feel happy without her…

My heart goes out to you because I feel the same way. Why did it come to this? Every day feels like torture. Sending hugs

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just can’t help sobbing typing this post; what have we done that we have to face all these?
I’ve no words to express my anguish…
take care…it’s particularly hard on weekends…

Thank you - you too. I wish we were all closer together (geographically) so that we could help each other more.

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me too. Anyhow good to have someone who understand to cry together…even if we are hundreds of miles away…

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lost my wife best friend 13 april. lonely, i have family but they are of a different generation.being with my wife 24/7 i feel so sad that we will not laugh anymore