Feeling lost after my wife passed away recently

Feeling so lost and angry with scunthorpe hospital the number of times over the last couple of years sue had chest infections and xrays why wasnt it picked up sooner.was originally told it was lung cancer in November and she was admitted with a high heart rate. Stopped and restarted her heart cardiac consultant came to see sue after the op and said it went well and did you know that you had a tumour on your pancreas which we didn’t know and only found out it was malignant from her discharge letter. December 8th was told that there was nothing more to be done we were told by a macmillan nurse and when sue was discharged asked a cancer nurse and was told by the macmillan nurse who told her i dont think you need one .lady in the discharge lounge sorted one out. Sue ended up in and out of hospital with chest infections .boxing night had to call an ambulance out who then told us sue was on palliative care.ended up in hospital the following night with sepsis. After a while in scunthorpe they transferred her to goole where she was supposed to be there for 4-5days on antibiotics .was discharged after one night and no antibiotics .12hours later back in hospital. Was transferred to Lindsey lodge hospice and passed away on the first of February this year. So i feel lost and so angry with the way she was treated


So sorry for the lost of your wife my heart goes out to you i can so understand why you feel so angry with the hospital my husband had colon and liver cancer he keep getting infection due to chemo he was put on antibiotics which did help but after a week of being on them he was still really unwell he was taken in to hospital but sent home the next day with no antibiotics and still really unwell after a couple of days he was back in hospital it turned out he had sepsis and he his body could not fight it of and he passed away on the 20th Oct last year i know we were told he only had 6 months but still so angry that the hospital let him suffer so much

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