Feeling lost and alone.

Hi I’m Ruth, lost my husband October 2020., to terminal lung cancer. I am at the angry stage of Grieving, angry that l was left on my own, not able to cope with life now. Wish l had been the one to go first!

Hi Ruth,

Sorry for your loss, you are amongst friends here.

I feel like you angry that I am left to muddle through the years a head, which feel like an eternity
I feel sad for my husband, who loved life, was so easy going and deserved to still be here!!

People can say some funny things when talking to somebody dealing with grief, but this one statement came out of the blue and I felt …… finally somebody gets it.

This particular family member said it is sad when we lose someone but it is worse for those left behind!!

Yep I couldn’t agree more

Dee xxx

Hi Ruth, I too feel the same, my husband was such a positive life loving person but he had to die, it should have been me as I’m prone to depression and don’t cope too well with life in general so I say alot it should have been me that died. I worry now about the future worry will I ever be happy again will I always have depression as I’ve had it years. Our husbands help us so much in every aspect of every day life I relied upon mine so much especially for mental support. He the only one that truly understood me and loved me for who I am. As your husband had cancer did he use a hospice at all ? They can offer counselling sessions, my husband passed away dur to bone cancer and I see a councillor there once every 2 weeks . It helps even if for that day to get feelings out .