Feeling lost and alone


I am new to this sight but need to reach out for help !!

I am 52yr old married female . Lost my Mum 2017 and my Dad Jan 2022.
I have no siblings and both my daughters have flown the nest this year, so not only am I suffering from empty nest syndrome but I am grieving and trying to adjust to a life with out my parents .

Past few months I have felt horrendous

I feel lost, lonely and no idea what I want from life anymore . I hate my job which is stressful but feel stuck there as I have a good pension with them .

I am crying most days, don’t have any get up and go anymore and missing my parents more than ever .

I have been a Mum and a carer for nearly 30 years and now I have no idea who I even am or what I like.

I need help moving forward :weary:
Everyone keeps saying ‘But now is your time , you can do what you want, go where you want’ but all I want are my parents and my daughters back home.

My husband has been supportive but even he is now getting fed up of my low moods .

I need a purpose but I don’t even know how to begin to pull myself out of this horrendous grief so I can begin to live my life how I want to ! :sleepy:


Morning @Sazza51.
So sorry you are feeling so bereft right now.
Coping with the empty nest and bereavement grief together is a hard ask for anyone.
It sounds like you are struggling to find any joy in life.
Could your GP be of help to you?
At the risk of you coming round and giving me a slap, the other thing that popped into my head was menopause - daily crying and lethargy resonated with me and I wasn’t dealing with grief at the time.
Keep posting and I’m sure wiser folk than me will be along soon to point you in the right direction for more support.


Sazza51 I’m sorry to hear of your loss and struggles I am in a very similar situation to you I lost my only parent my mum in may 2 of my grown up children have left home and I feel so lost and alone everyday I can’t talk to my children about how I feel and my partner just doesn’t know what to do. I can’t give you advice when I’m so lost still but I can say I hope you start to feel better in time and I wish you all the happiness you deserve. Hugs


Hi Sazza51
i am sorry for your losses . One day at a time . you have many gaps in your life but use it to see who you are. New career move?? New subject something you always wanted to do but couldnt . How about courses some study?you have positives of your husband keep talking to him and your daughters they might not be there all time but still in touch with them . Ask them about youself who you are ,get their advice .Small steps in this new life .Its not the life you wanted but you have support try to move forward a bit at a time
because of my disability my new subject sort of chose me . i read about history as i cant do alot else.Maybe theres something there you always wanted to do . Make lists, get advice from those around you
Another positive is this site keep posting its a positive you can rely on

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your definitely right about the menopause thing . I did go to my GP last year who basically made me feel stupid !!
And would not give me HRT because I’m not having hot sweats . I should go back I know, but right now I just don’t have any energy to do anything :confused: :sleepy:


Hi Kelly
Thank you for taking the time to reply.

It’s an awful feeling isn’t it and one I don’t seem to be able to shake off.

I am Sat in my house all alone . I could go anywhere or do anything I want, but yet I am Sat here doing nothing :unamused: and just don’t have the drive to motivate myself.

Sending a hug to you :hugs:
One day at a time eh !!


Hi hun you’re right it is awful and nobody should have to feel like this. And yes that’s all we can do is try and get through each day at a time. :heartbeat:


Empty Nest Syndrome is very real and can cause no ammount of distressing emotions, its not something you can just snap yaself out of either! My last Son left home this Feb and my whole World fell apart :broken_heart: i experienced emotions i never knew i had and 6 Months down the line im still weeping on a weekly basis, i also turned 70 and moved into a Community Scheme which is for over 55’s :roll_eyes: Sadly im not settling in there either so its all been to much happening to soon, My Son leaving was hard enough but add everything else into the equation and its no wonder im all over the place emotionally, not many people talk about Empty Nest Syndrome because its not recognised as a medical issue BUT in actual fact it can create some horrible emotions which can be overwhelming :broken_heart: :cry: Im still going through it and am up n down like a yo yo SO i understand how awful someone can feel going through this, i just hope n pray things will change? Apparently time is a Healer :thinking: One can but Hope :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Thank you all for your replies . Im still waiting for time to heal instead of every single day feeling so lonely . I know one day i will be able to move forward. But i am afraid of doing just that because i know that i will feel so much guilt although thats what my mum would want . Hope time helps heal your heart’s :heart: