Feeling lost

Hi l list my husband on the 22nd October 2020, he suffered a massive heart attack which led to cardiac arrest he was 57 there was no warning he was fit and healthy. I feel so lost without him and I am struggling to accept what has happened, I cannot understand it. I have flashbacks of the night it happened as I had to perform CPR . Just feel lost.

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I too lost my fit healthy husband to a heart attack on 29/10 & so understand the disbelief is all consuming isn’t it ? I too had to try CPR & was so traumatised that it is only now that I have really cried. He was only 61, all our hopes & dreams shattered. I just wanted to send you a heartfelt hug & to tell you to keep reading on this site as so many people share your pain, it has helped me a lot xx

Sending big hugs to you both
So heartbreaking I lost my husband December the 5th
To Covid doesn’t seem real
Still think I will wake up from this nightmare

Sending hugs to you all. I lost my lifelong partner end of October from COVID. We were together for 37 years from being teens. Just feel so lost sad and lonely. Truly heartbroken :broken_heart:. Sadly we all know how this feels

Hello all
We all no that horrible sick feeling
The sobs that don’t stop
The pain in your heart that’s hurts so much
Love to you all xx

It’s really hard l just feel like I am living in a dream and one day I will wake up. I have returned to work which is helping me a lot, people say to me you are doing well and sometimes I want to scream I’m not, I may look on the outside, but on the inside I’m falling apart, and I don’t think they can get it as they are not in this situation they still have their partners and their lives, I have lost the love of my life.

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There lives haven’t changed ours have
Everyone carry’s on we can’t
I went back work for 4 days
Made me bad so on the sick now

Hi Karen,
So very sorry for the loss of your husband. Like yours mine was fit and healthy and within a few weeks from being diagnosed with bowel cancer, he was gone. The shock is immense, impossible to take it in.
Life as you know it has changed for ever. I hope you can find some comfort from this community, all who have had their hearts broken.
Take care, big hugs.