Feeling Lost

I lost my 38 year ild son in September and miss him

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Hi Welshie, you must be devastated by the loss of your son, I can’t even start to imagine what you are going through, I’m sure there are other people on this site who are going through what you are, and will be able to help you, sending love Jude xx


Hello Welshie,
I lost my beautiful son in September and can’t cope with the pain and emptiness. I miss him all the time and can’t stop thinking… why!! Why him…what did he do to be taken away before he had a chance to live his life. Life feels so empty and I feel numb. :broken_heart:

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Hi Weshie so sorry you lost your son it’s just the most unbearable thing. I lost my son also suddenly in May, no warning just heard him fall in his bedroom and had to do CPR but could not save him. Could not see him in hospital for 3 days then only when they turned the machine off and with full PPE , it’s all a nightmare. I am glad you found this site it’s the only thing that gets me through. If you search the thread “Loss of son aged 27” I have found it most helpful, lots of us who have lost children on there.
It’s some journey we are on , so unbelievably painful, even now I cry everyday and have no interest in anything. You will find on here that everything you are feeling others have felt also. I felt I was going mad and I did not know the world I was in anymore and could barely eat sleep or even breath to start with. Keep reading and posting you will find so much support here , we all understand the pain you are in and you can say and ask anything you want to , we all try to support each other here. For now just try to get through the day one day at a time and don’t put any pressure on your self to do anything. I hope you have some support in family and friends .
Take care , sending a big cwtch jss x


Thank you for your reply, yes, it is unbearable, he was unwell for a while but seemed to be making progress, i had booked a caravan weekend for a treat and so we could have some time together. he was being discharged from hospital but he died the morning he was due home Devastating is an understatement.
I am so glad i found this site as you dont realise others are going through the same painful time as you

It must have been awful for you when you went to the hospital to see your son my heart goes out to you❤

Take care xxx


Hi Dally

I feel the same, ive no interest in anything at the moment, i have been trying for my grandchildren byt its so hard, i just keep thinking of my son xx

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It is very hard, I try to interact with my other 2 but it’s like I’m looking outside my self, going through the motions but have no interest. I went shopping today and can’t bare the thought of Christmas, mot even my children their Christmas cards and not a single present :disappointed_relieved:

Hi Welshie so sorry to hear you’ve recently lost your so. Lost my daughter in July. & the pain is unbearable. I sit here crying for you because I know how your feeling. How do we get through this. It’s the worst nightmare people are shopping for there loved ones .they don’t know how lucky they are . I look at something & say Laura would love that. & am crying. Thinking of you sending love & prayers xx

I know, my son had just moved into a new flat and we had so many plans of what he could do to make it how he would like it and i had already bought a few things i knew he would like as a surprise for him and as for christmas presents for him it just makes me so sad that he wont be here with me to have anything. All i would like is for him to be here with me.

I feel for you also, that your daughter wont be with you.

Sending love xx


Hi maggie

I always seem to end up crying if i think of the plans we had or hear a song that he liked.
He lived in Bristol and I in Wales, he moved there about 7 years ago, but i always visited every week, when he was ill i visited more and stayed with him in his flat to make sure he was ok after his stays in hospital but never thought he wouldnt be ok one day even if it took a long while to recover, its like your worst nightmare. But now hes gone, like you i keep thinking the same when i see things he wouldve liked.

Thank you for your message i think it is comforting to know we are not alone

Take care xx :heart:

This gives me comfort to know am not alone with this awful pain. I wait till bedtime to read these posts. & cry myself to sleep. Am being selfish to my other two children lying to them that am coping. Because like all of you I’d swap places to give Laura her life back. Tomorrow we wake to another day without our beloved children. Made so many promises to Laura what we would do when she finished chemo. All the things they’ll never get to do . Love to you all . Am not living,just filling time xx

Hi Maggie

I think we should keep using this site for the comfort it gives and hoping we get strength from it to carry on. We know things arent going to change but hope we can get some peace of mind eventually knowing we can just be in touch with everyone here in similar positions.

Take care and god bless xxx

Thank you so much. Starting counselling in the new year can’t see any point it won’t give me what I want. Not long finished counselling after losing my sister. Made no difference just went because people expected me to xx

Dont feel oressured to go because people think its best for you, only you should decide if and when you are ready to go to councelling. Im just using this site at the miment, i have thought of going but im not ready yet.

Look after yourself xxx