Feeling lost

It’s been just over 13 months since my mum passed.Everyone expects me to be over it now except for my closest family.I know a year is a long time but I still find everyday hard.Time has helped but I still don’t have a mum,my son doesn’t have a grandmother and my father still has lost his wife.Why is it expected of us to be over losing a parent after a year.I lost my mum forever the memories we could have made are gone,the birthdays,easters, and Christmases are gone.My life has changed forever and I don’t know if I’ll ever feel ok again.I have some happy days but I am no where near being over losing my mum.My life has changed forever.Can anyone else relate to this?

Hi Starheart I can totally relate to you 100% I lost my mum in September 21 I Carnt express how much I love and miss her . Everyday is a struggle I don’t think I’ll ever come to terms with her not being here. My life has totally changed I’ve totally changed as a person . I’m angry she’s gone I feel empty and alone . I won’t accept that she’s gone I never will I just think she’s still here and I just haven’t seen her in while. Life is so hard. I hope you get some comfort in knowing your not alone in this horrid journey . Take care

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Im sorry for your loss I’m so sorry you are struggling too.Thank you.I do feel less alone knowing im not the only person feeling this way.Its so hard not having a mum anymore.Im turning 35 in June and for my mum not to be here is going to be so hard as it was last year.I just wish this wasn’t my life.Especially with the pandemic starting to end the reason she died was because of the pandemic so it’s hard that everything will go back to normal but my life is changed forever.I feel when we have our parents here it feels like they are going to be here forever and the shock you feel when you lose them changes your life forever.Thank you for answering my message❤

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Hi StarHeart,
We have talked earlier but I wanted to say that I can relate to you when you say that pandemic is ending and your life has changed forever.
My mom got covid (very very mild symptoms), she suffered a cardiac arrest on the 10th day and we lost her. I have read that covid causes cardiac arrest and blood clots so I think she got the cardiac arrest because of covid. She was vaccinated, very fit and only 58. She had no heart issues either.
So knowing all that it upsets me that pandemic is ending and it took my mom at the very end. Everyone is going back to their usual life and I can’t.
I am very angry. I hate seeing people resume their normal non pandemic life.
But I think new variants will come and we will go back to the same state.
Time will not heal this pain. This pain is the worst possible pain possible. It’s almost a month for me and I am in a bad state and suffering so much.

Hi I am so sorry you are going through a hard time.one month is so early on and I think that’s one of the hardest months.Its when everyone goes back to normal.Family stop calling life moves on which it doesn’t for the people who have lost loved ones.I lost my mum because the ambulance took 3 hours to turn up when the hospital was a 5 minute walk away but my family thought it was covid but it was actually a stroke.My mum was sent home from hospitals and they missed the clot on the scan that went to her brain what was left after the stroke was no longer the mum I had.Lots of things were done wrong in my mother’s case and we are in the process of making a complaint but the pandemic has slowed it down but hopefully we will get answers one day.Some people are affected more by covid than others and I’m so sorry you have lost your mum especially at the end of the pandemic.Its so hard to get grief support there’s normally a waiting list so everything takes time.Life is so unfair.I hope things do get a little easier as time moves on for you but I’m here if you need to chat.Take care❤

When I was younger I used to think about the time when it came that I would lose my parents I wondered how I’d cope with them well now I know the answer. I just feel like I exist getting through each day willing for bed time to come so I can close my eyes and be free from my heartache for just a short time . I too Carnt imagine my life without my mum we were so close .
I have so many beautiful memories of my mum which I have locked inside my heart forever but long to hear her voice or to feel her touch . X