feeling lost

Hi i feel in such a dark place since i lost my beautiful son age 20 in a RTA , he fought to live for several hours after the head on crash with a bus , multiple injuries left him unable too survive, he was taken by the angels , i still think im dreaming and then ill wake up to a massive cuddle from him , tears flow most days , he was such a grounded , hard working funny gentle gent , it feels so raw but will be 3 years in july , every day i wish i didnt wake up to be with him , i know he wants me to be strong and carry on but i feel so lost , lonely and weak , i miss his smile so much my heart is totally broken x


I am so sorry to hear about your son and it brought me tears, I lost my mom few months back and I am 25, I miss the presence of her and you miss a presence of your son, I know nothing can compare to what you are going through but trust me he won’t like seeing you like this from up. Please always feel free to reach out if you want to talk. Or join a Yoga class around your or anything that brings you joy, try vipassna mediatation but please don’t stay like this, I am stranger but your pain is difficult to even read, please take some action

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Hi Lisa20

There’s no pain like the loss of a child. I lost my handsome 22 yr old son last
Aug and I just want to swap places with him. My heart aches 24/ 7 for my boy. I keep trying to connect with him in spirit but I want him here with me right now.