Feeling lost

Hi it’s only been 1 month since my mum passed away, she went to the hairdressers and felt unwell, came home and went to bed.
Going to bed during the day is something my mum never did.
To cut a long story short, mum ended up in hospital on the Saturday and passed away in the early hours of the Tuesday. I feel so numb and lost as mum was a very active and healthy lady, it was the previous Thursday mum was attending her beloved line dancing group.
How can she be dead and now cremated?
I keep going to phone mum when I see or hear something I know she would like to hear about . I even rang her number the other day just to see if she answered the call.Of course she didn’t Louise because she’s died! How? I can’t understand the fact that I will never see or hear her voice again. I think I must be in some form of shock?


It’s so hard, I 'm sorry for your loss. My mum died almost 3 months ago. I saved the last few voicemail messages from my mum on my mobile so I could listen to her voice. Just tried listening today and the messages have disappeared, I’m really upset. I also really miss being able to tell mum what I’ve been doing. Big hug xx

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Hi and thank you for your reply.
I too am sorry for your loss, my mum was 87 but you’d never know as she was very healthy and fit. Her eyesight was failing quite a bit but that did not stop her from being very independent. She did all her own shopping,cleaning,cooking etc.
So the fact that she was dancing on the Thursday and then dead on the Tuesday is something I cannot realise.Sending you a hug too.x


My mum died very very suddenly in the car, next to my dad who was driving her home after an appointment. I am now on day 15 and I think I am still in a state of shock about it. A state of shock which I don’t see myself coming out of anytime soon.
How can someone be here one minute, then quite literally be gone the next. I just cannot get my head around it at all.

Sorry for your loss. Sending love and support to you.