Feeling lost

When my mum was alive I did a lot for her which I was happy to do. She was visually handicapped and lived alone so I was always worrying that she was ok. Now that she has died I miss her terribly and feel such a gaping hole no visits no phone call to see if she’s ok and do an online shop for her no taking care of her financial affairs. Do others feel like this and how do you get over it. I’m still working part time which helps but I’ve always been a bit of a loner though I have close friends but one of those has just died too. It just seems that as you get older grief is just waiting round the corner. Sorry for waffling but it helps X

Yes it helps to just get the feelings out. I’m only 10 wks since Colin died and though I have family they don’t visit or communicate very much. I’m retired and my few friends are still working. I get up in the morning and don’t know what to do each day. I wish I could give my remaining time to a sick child or mother. Grief is from hell isn’t it? Finding something to fill your time is the answer but what? If you find the answer please let me know. Hugs Kate xx

Oh bless you Kate I feel for you. If I get any answers you’ll be the first to know. Hugs back to you X

Hi scorpiomoon, I was my mums main carer, when she passed. It is hard, but I have started to do care work, part-time. I have to say, im finding it very rewarding and it does fill that gap, you know, the one that only interaction can fill. Its hard, but, its defo helped me. And u can pick ur hours and how often u work. Check out home help, i promise, it does ease the pain, a little, but even thats something.