Feeling ok for a bit

This morning i was feeling ok did a dew errands did garden even had a healthy lunch but now its hit me when im walking to school toget my grandchildren as 3 days a week we’d do it together looked over to where he parked and my stomah is suddenly in knots and i feel like crying the ups and downs are so bad at times danny died 18th april suddenly he was 63


Sorry for your loss its still early days for you. Its the little everyday things that hit us when we least expect it. Just take each day as it comes. Its the highs and lows of grief .i still get mine and my hubby died in 2021. Not a day goes by when i dont miss him and see something he would have liked i go to tell him of cause hes not there . Lifes changed and not for the better but we have to plod on and get through it as i know our loved ones would want us too. X

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Yes you never know what’s going to bring on the tears. Yesterday it was seeing the knife my husband used to use sitting in the kitchen drawer.