Feeling overwhelmed

Oh dear. Had the gas supply to the cooker capped off yesterday as the pressure is so low it’s impossible to cook anything and both British Gas and a local engineer have come to the conclusion that it would be a lot cheaper and a lot less hassle to swap to an electric hob rather than rip the house apart chasing the fault!
Now I have to decide on a new hob and get someone to install it for me.
Then this morning my washing machine decided to throw a tantrum and jump around the kitchen knocking the skirting board off and leaking water all over the floor :cry:
To top it off I have a bad cold/flu type bug and am just too tired to deal with any of it.
I just want my hubby back and to feel safe and secure again. So fed up with dealing with life’s problems on my own.
I know a lot of you are having to contend with a lot more than that which makes me feel guilty for feeling so overwhelmed, but sometimes it’s good to just get it off your chest. Be good to hear from you if you if you have any good advice :slightly_smiling_face:


@Hope2 dont beat yourself up too much, your unfortunate disasters with gas and washing machine would send anyone into a spin. Even worse when you’re under the weather.
I guess you just need to take a deep breath and tackle one disaster at a time.
As you said, hubby could sort these things out before, which probably is compounding matters.
Grab a lemsip, jump onto google and search for a hob. Once that issue is dealt with, look for a reliable plumber; maybe check a trade or a friend might know someone?
You’re doing well, you’ve identified problems, its just a case of working through them. Easier said than done sometimes, I know.


Aww thank you Paul.
I will follow your advice. I’m sure when I get shot of this bug I’ll be able to think clearer and be more positive.
Hope your day is going well :slightly_smiling_face:


Sometimes having a bug can leave you feeling blurgh at the best of times, nevermind when you’re grieving. Hopefully when you’re firing on more cylinders it will be easier :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m sat in front of a computer trawling through admin emails…rock and roll!


Don’t feel guilty here. We all post when things go wrong. I have come to the conclusion that my house must be built on ley lines or something. Either that or I have magnetic fingers. Things keep going screwy, intermittent faults that suddenly right themselves when an electrician turns up. It makes you feel as if you are being punished or going mad!
It’s good advice to tackle one thing at a time or you get overwhelmed.
Now, if only I could take my own advice……
Hope you feeling better soon. It seems like a rubbish day for many of us on here. Xx


Well it’s all good distraction isn’t it? Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you Willow.
Yes I must admit I’ve had the same experience myself……. A shower that kept running cold and when the plumber came out it ran hot for him on two occasions, my bedside lamp turning itself off for no apparent reason, my iPad going weird and internet and tv acting up.
I sometimes wonder if it’s my hubby letting me know he’s around, but I having said that I I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t want to see me getting so stressed :slightly_smiling_face:

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I totally get, I promise…

I just sat down and cried.

Like you I posted on here.

There are very kind and supportive people on here.

I hope you get better very soon.

I agree with @PaulK , one thing at a time.

Sending a very big hug!

Rose x


Thank you x

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Yes completely agree - just try and tackle one thing at a time.
Sometimes it feels like my luck has just ran out and I joke that I wouldn’t get on an airplane at the moment :rofl:
Mines been my car - has been in the garage to get fixed 3 time in 3 months and now needs a new windscreen as there’s a crack.
Never needed to have a new windscreen in 39 years of driving. Sod’s Law really.
These things do happen to us all - I think we just notice them more now as we have to do all of it ourselves now and there’s no one to share the burden.

It’s also good to let it all out here as well - better than keeping g it in xxx


Sending a BIG HUG to you all on here. My darling husband passed a year ago last week. It has bought it all back to me about the day he died. I thought I was doing so well now I am back to square one. So many things have gone wrong with, and in the house since he’s gone its unbievlable. My daughter is living with me as she is going through a very messy divoice and though I love her to bits the stress is awful. I just want to sit and cry all day. Nothing seems worthwhile at the moment. I know it will pass but its so so hard. I cared for my darling husband for over 10 years and thought that was hard but this is so much harder. Sorry for carrying on. Have as good a day as possible everyone. Hugs to all.


Dear Ann,

so sorry.

So much to deal with.

Sending a big virtual hug.

We’re here for you.

Love Rose :rose: xx

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@RoseGarden Thank you so much. x

Annie you sound like you’ve had so much to deal with. It can all be so overwhelming and difficult to manage.
And dealing with your daughters challenges will feel like you are overloaded with pain and distress so no wonder you feel so low at the moment.
Just get it all out here - we on here can offer support and understanding.
Be kind to yourself and just try take one day at a time.
Sending strength for today and a hug xxxx


@roni52 Thank you. x