Feeling really low today

Having a really bad day today and just keep having constant returning thoughts of my poor mum. I can’t get my head around how this could happen to her. I’ve felt so alone, irritated and angry today. I feel so cheated and just want to give up on everything. I know deep in my heart she wouldn’t want that by it’s so hard to shake this feeling of total emptiness.

DWR6989, I’m sorry you are having a particularly hard day. I now how hard some days can be.
It will get better. It just will take time. We’ve just got to keep going, until we reach a point where things begin to feel better.
Take care.

Daffy123, thank you so much for your message, I sometimes feel as though I’m just sat here thinking about things I cannot change and spend most of the day tearing myself up and blaming myself. Even though I have such beautiful children and partner i feel so alone sometimes. Thank you for you kind words, I know I need to keep going for my family.

I dwell on things most days and I have deep regrets. However, I try and remind myself that my Mum wouldn’t want me to make myself ill.

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Same for me. I hear my mam saying there there sweetheart dry your face

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