Feeling really poorly

I lost my husband nearly a month ago now we were married for 25 years
The grief I am feeling is making me mentally and physically really poorly
My whole body aches sometimes just getting out of bed is really hard work
I am having palpitions especially on night
My temperature is up and down
The past few days I have woke up wanting to vomit
The headaches are really bad
I spoke to the doctor she said is all symptons of grieving
Has anybody else suffered this way?

Marie x

I just feel as though there is a heavy weight pressing down on my chest all the time. I also feel exhausted all of the time.

Hi Marie,

My beloved partner died 7 weeks ago and I have since had terrible palpitations. They really scare me at times but I’m fairly sure it is stress and grief. I also find my throat closes up sometimes when I try and eat and I just feel exhausted all the time - even when I sleep ok, which is not often.


I’m sorry for your loss
It’s just never ending
I think for myself it’s the night time when I try to switch off it’s very scary

Marie x

Hi Jules
Its the same with me
I try to keep busy during the day but then sometimes I feel to ill to be getting on with stuff so I just sit in my room
Take care
Marie x

@Dotty666 hi dotty I feel exhausted and tired all the time yet when I go to bed I can’t sleep my stomach hurts as soon as I start to eat I keep on getting chest pain my ocd is getting worse and I feel like I can’t cope but I have to I think its all symptoms of the grief

Dear @Dotty666 . Its 13 months since my beloved husband passed away after battling pancreatic cancer. He tried so hard to stay with us. He had stage 4 but managed 3 years, amazingly so. Of course it was tough when 2 weeks before he passed he was told that the chemo wasn’t working any more and he went downhill very quickly . It was excruciating to watch him but at least he got his wish to die at home . After his funeral I took very ill and had pneumonia, I too suffer from palpitations, but was well controlled for years, they came back with a vengeance. I was hospitalised and to thankfully managed to calm my ticker down. My body just couldn’t cope with the distress and grief. I still don’t have the energy to do much and take a day at a time. So yes, grief can make you ill. Try to be kind to yourself, eat little and often and try to rest. I wish you all the best and take care. Margarita


I used to be remarkably energic. I could go to bed at 4am and be up for work at 7am no problem. I never felt tired and my mind was always planning new ideas for my house.

Since my Ron died in 2018 I have lost interest in my home. I sleep until at least 11am every morning and I feel exhausted at completing the simplest tasks. I have had throat problems for 18 months and I find everything hard work. I am sure it is all systematic of grief but I just long to feel myself again instead of this lethargic person who just wants to get through my life as quickly as possible.

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Hi Angie
I’m sorry for your loss
Aww bless you sounds like you are really run down it has been quite a while aswell
I can relate totally I always had lots of energy too
Before I even got to bed I was planning the next day meals and Every thing
Now I think what’s the point

Take care
Marie x

I also have strong palpitations when I go to bed at night. I’m not feeling too great lately. It’s been almost 2 years since my husband died and I think it’s just catching up with me. I didn’t cry much to begin with but now I cry every day, It’s as though I’ve suddenly realised he’s never coming back. I have also been overly obsessing on how I look.
Hope you’re OK this evening.
Heather x

Hi Heather
Sorry for your loss
The palpitations are really scary I take betablockers from the doctor they do work . Maybe try them
Hope you don’t mind me asking what do you mean you are overly obsessing about how you look ?
I think I’m doing the same
You can PM if you want to chat
Marie xx

Hi I’ve found the grieving process to be so intense it’s like riding a tidal wave of emotions. It’s left me feeling completely drained and I feel like the stuffing has been knocked out of me. Everything is an effort and I’m not motivated to do anything. I’ve cried so much that now when I cry my throat hurts and almost feels like it’s closing up. I’m suffering from anxiety about the future and this has caused me to have stomach issues. I also don’t have any appetite. I force myself to eat but take little pleasure in food or for that matter in anything. It’s all a big struggle.