Feeling robbed, lonely and lost

Yes thats how I keep thinking, there must have been a mistake and he will come back through the door
But the reality is so harsh, so coldhearted and so real. We are all searching for something we can never have. But it doesn’t stop us trying. My head tells me Roger’s not coming back but my heart won’t accept it. I feel like a child crying for the moon.



Yes it definitely helps knowing your not alone in grief, it’s shocking how it makes to feel.

I’m hoping to go back to work soon to hopefully get some normality back into my life, but not just yet :heart:

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It’s just so sad isn’t it.

Sending love and hugs :hugs:

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Oh that sentence about ‘if love could have saved him, he would have lived forever’ bought a tear to my eye and so very true.


Hi, My story is similar. He passed away unexpected from a rare blood cancer. He was admitted to hospital in December 2023 for breathlessness. He died a month later.
You had no time to prepare yourself. I feel so sorry for you. They say grief passes, but when



Sorry for your loss :heart:

It’s just awful isn’t it. I can’t imagine it ever getting better, I just can’t picture the future without him.

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Hello Katyh,

Thank you

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