Feeling sad😥

Past few weeks thought a lot about putting Ian entry into book of remembrance
Paid a lot postal order
Anyway didn’t hear anything for wks worried as running out of time. For deadline
Only for Cremitorium to tell me they didn’t receive any postal irder🥵
Cremitorium told me to tell them to cancel it they refused said nothing to do with them
Now Cremitorium said today they don’t take postal order due to pandemic to ask post office for refund
Sent away my quote to be placed in book got sent recorded delivery
:heart_eyes::rage::hot_face: wont get there until Tom
Think may be too late
Feel so frustrated angry upset😥
Need call them Tom
Think too late dads anniversary feb
Why can’t anything be easy
Everything so dam well stressful difficult
Totally feel alone at times

It’s been a couple of days since you posted @S47, I wanted to check in and ask how you’re feeling?

I’m sorry to hear about the Crematorium not receiving your postal order and saying they can’t take it, this sounds really frustrating particularly as you spend a few weeks on this. Did it manage to get there okay in the end?

Sending you lots of strength from here, keep us updated with how everything is going. We’re here for you :slight_smile:

No great
Why the Fuck is everything going wrong
Dad died mum in law died
Covid 19 ruined everything
Then the carry on with the book of remembrance for my dad
I written letter to Royal Mail reg refund but not heard
Now call call say my Aunty has died few days ago my dads side
Not allowed say goodbye
Not just that don’t really know her or anything really about dads side of family
But limited numbers so all dads family going
I judt feel so shut out
Now mum sent msg say my aunt not great they doing all they can for her
My daughter not great mental health so support her
I’m going out walk as can’t take much more
Just want s scream…,cry