Feeling so lost and alone

My husband sadly passed away at home 2 weeks ago. I
I found him dead on the toilet. The shock is horrible.
I can’t see anything but him just sitting there.
I can’t think or concentrate on anything. All my family
Live away except one son who is trying to help me but they have mental health problems. My brain is just mush. If it wasn’t for my little dog I wouldn’t get out of bed. How do I cope with everything. I’m 77 years old.

Oh Gloria, I’m so sorry, what a shock for you, I’m not surprised you are feeling as you are, it’s such early days yet so don’t expect too much of yourself, it was my dog that got me through the first few months after my husband died, they are such a comfort and give unconditional love, ask for help if you need it, you could phone Cruse or even your GP, sending love Jude xx

Thanks Jude. I walk with my dog twice a day, but hate coming back to the empty house. I am going to phone cruise and ageuk, as I need help. My brain 8a mush - I miss him so . Take care x

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Thank god for our furry friends. My husband who was not a doggy person became besotted with our cockerpoo Molly when we got her 5 years ago. Every day when I have a bad thought I look at her little loving face and know I need to cherish her like Martin did, for the sake of Martin.
Everything is bitter sweet but she gives a reason to get out of bed.
I’m glad you are seeking help and please continue to post here as the support is brilliant.

Sending you my love

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Thank you - it’s only my little dog Sky that’s keeping me going. I know it’s only early days but the delay with everything because of Covid isn’t helping. Cuddles and love from Sky helps me, but he’s 11 year old and getting old. I guess I just have to take one day at a time. Bless you and thanks xxx

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My heart goes out to you.
My husband passed away very suddenly 2 weeks ago too.
The shock is indescribable.
I now take one hour at a time as even a day seems too challenging.
This site has been a huge comfort knowing that I am not alone.
I think there is also another website called Sudden for those whose loved ones left us so quickly and without warning…
Please keep reaching out here
My heartfelt thoughts go out to you

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Thank you - I know how you will be feeling. The shock is tremendous. If it wasn’t for my little dog I don’t know what I would do. My heart goes out to you as I know how you feel. Thank you for info of the Sudden group - I will look into it. Covid isn’t helping us though as everything is taking so long and hanging over us all the time. We haven’t got his death certificates yet. The house is so empty, and I know you must feel so lost and alone as I do. Look after yourself, and stay in touch.
Sending hugs xx

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Sorry for your loss I lost my partner on 12th off may this year and I live alone and struggle every day I am so lost and suffer from anxcity and panic attacks I just want too feel me again it’s so hard day by day

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