Feeling so lost and alone

I lost my soulmate pauline on the 14th April I’m so heartbroken lost and empty without her I love and miss her so much everyday is so hard and so empty I’m so isolated barely have contact with anyone I fell out with my niece a month ago I have reached out to her asking if she would be willing to talk at some stage and her response was no I have nothing to say I feel so alone if I didn’t have my pets I wouldn’t bother I have had enough but I can’t leave them but I also can’t carry on like this I’m falling apart I’m nothing without pauline she is the love of my life my reason for being



You have coped without Pauline & you will continue to cope, remember you are going through a terrible time.

Take comfort in your pets, they love and need you as you do them.

Your niece may get over your fallout, for the moment just leave her to get on with it, could you volunteer for something? A food bank or a care home, I think you sound like you have the skills and caring to help others?

Or visiting a lonely elderly person who sees no one? Maybe enquire with your local council? If we feel needed & worthwhile that may help us?

Remember we will have awful days, not so good days then sometimes good days, try not to feel totally deflated by the bad days, your not alone, you have Pauline spurring you on try to remember that?

Sometimes when things feel at there worst the only way is up!

Maybe write a note to your niece and say sorry ( even if it isn’t your fault) and say how lonely you feel - maybe she will contact you

The loneliness is always there once your partner and lover dies

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@Flower_garden @Sadsadie hi ladies thankyou for replying to me I am so very sorry that you are going through this heartbreak as well I have to keep going for pauline and our pets I have to make her proud its just so hard without her she was my rock and still is take care sending hugs x