Feeling so low after losing my dad

I lost my dad a year ago and have felt so many different emotions. I havent cried much as I need to be strong for my family. I speak to mum every day and she says she is so lonely and I just don’t know what to do. I listen to her and feel so much for her I just don’t know how I can help her. I feel useless. Today I’m feeling really low and worry that I’m getting depressed. Some days I can focus on the day the best I can but there are days where I just feel so low. I suppose I can’t be the strong one all the time.
Take care all x

Hi there I lost my Dad on 9th December 2017 and it is so hard. My Mum is so lonely too but I know I can never change that only help by visiting a couple of times a week and supporting her as much as possible. Like you my heart breaks for her and she is quite disabled and has carers in her home four times a day. I know I am doing everything I can for her and I know my Dad would say ‘make sure your Mum is cared for but not at the expense of your own life’ so you have to look out for and take care of yourself. There is no right way to grieve but I think all the time about the fantastic relationship I had with my Dad. I too feel very low at times but think what your Dad would say and think of all the good memories. I am also seeing a counsellor which is really helping me so do what helps you and the biggest help you can be to your Mum is just be there for her. You have to live your life and I am sure that is what your Dad would want. Take care x