Feeling so upset

I’m going to ramble on I have no one that cares
My dad hasn’t been in touch will me since Jim died I rang to tell him but only spoke to his new wife that was in August not even a card o say how sorry he was. Every year he would send us £50 between us for Xmas today I received a Xmas card with £20 it really upset me just brings it home that Jim gone and I feel I’m not worth anything sorry if this sounds ungrateful but it hurt me.
I’m sitting here in tears I’m not going to ring him if he thinks so little of me. Sorry I’m rambling again .


I’m so sorry that people can be so thoughtless. You wouldn’t expect it from family.
The only way they will ever understand is when they find theirselves in the same position …… something we wouldn’t wish on anyone

Dee xx


I understand the feeling of loneliness and have spent a lot of today crying myself so can empathise x

I thought I had close friends and some family about but since mum died haven’t heard much from them x

If you need to chat myself and others are here x


I am sorry for your loss, I don’t have much family but my loving wife did and pretty much they all seem to have forgotten that she existed. We were married for 34 years and I have known them for most of their lives and they act like they don’t know me. I have been grieving for 40 weeks today and rambling seems to be what I do best and venting. I would say you have every right to feel upset about the way your dad has treated you and the card would probably upset me too. That being said I only received 2 cards and 1 of them is from my family telling me that even though this Christmas is going to be bad 2022 should be a better year for me. As if I can recover from my loving wife’s death just because the year changed. Next year will bring the one year mark of her death and our first anniversary without her and…Take care, John


Dear Misprint

You are certainly not rambling. The thoughtlessness of others, particularly those that we thought would be there for us, is just astounding on occasions. Its not that you are ungrateful. I would say that I can’t believe family would do this but know only too well how insensitive they can be and only makes it even more difficult to feel that no one cares. Fortunately others on this forum do care.


People are so odd that when you need them the most, when you lose someone, that is when they disappear. Very weird.


I am sorry for yours loss, I understand how you are feeling, when my partner was in hospital people were calling every day then he passed away people still checked on me regularly then after the funeral it seems as if people think I should be over it now. Some of our so called friends have said if you want us just call but don’t seem to call to check on me. I also cry every day sometimes I wake up crying then can’t sleep at night even though I’m exhausted through crying all day.


I understand the comment about the phone calls. I told the few people that actually still deal with me, They need to call me because they are busy and I am almost always available if they want to talk to me. I don’t think I will ever get over my loving wife’s death, no matter what other people may want to believe. That is how I feel and I tell them that. It is 10 months since my loving wife died and I still cry throughout the day when I am all alone and every night when I go to bed all alone too. Take care, John


Please don’t apologise, I think anyone would be devastated I would definitely and it’s not about the amount of money in the card it’s the total lack of recognition of your loss, I’m so sorry and that is your father so very hard big hug to you

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