Feeling so very low

This was my first Christmas without my beloved husband :broken_heart:
I miss him so very much, I will love him always and I hope he knows that I tried to keep him with :disappointed:

Just want him home so very very much xxxxx


MrsT1, I understand how you feel. It is my first Christmas alone too. We all wish we could have them back and some days life doesn’t seem to make much sense. All those questions rattling around in your head and still it brings no answers. We love them, we miss them but hope that they are close to us. We did our best for them. My thoughts are with you.


Dear Mrs T1,

It’s fourteen months since my husband died suddenly and there hasn’t been a day when I haven’t begged him to come home. I can’t imagine a time when I won’t.
That sounds mad to someone who hasn’t experienced such a devastating loss but on this forum we can say it and know we’re not alone. I’m sorry you find yourself a member of this heartbroken group. Xx

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Dear MrsT1, I’m so sorry that you are feeling so low. Thankfully the Xmas season is nearly over and you might feel a bit better. It’s so hard I know there isn’t much I can say to comfort you. Sorry. Please take care and keep writing on here. Hugs, Margarita

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Thank you @Margarita1 , tried to keep it together for the family xx
But I just feel so empty :disappointed:

Can’t believe I will never see him or hear voice, laugh or feel his physical presence again , like so many on here :broken_heart:

Hopefully things will improve with time , however I really don’t know how?

Take care xxx

I know Mrst1, it’s agony without my darling too, just when you think you have no more tears. You break down again and again, how much more pain can our broken hearts take? But it will get better, I have to believe and have hope. I’m on a mild anti depressent which helps a bit. I’m fact I started taking them once Marcial was diagnosed 3 years ago. Have you thought of this option? Also every 5 weeks I have a telephone counselling session. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Just take one moment at a time. Margarita

Hi @Margarita1, thanks for your reply xxx I won’t be posting on here again! I have been ‘berated’ for one of my posts explaining how I feel !

I wish you you well in your journey , as usual I will get through mine on my own!

Take care, sending much love x

Hi MrsT1, Please continue to post on here. We all need each other and this Christmas has been particularly hard for all of us. We are all feeling a bit fragile and sometimes speak without thinking first. You do not need to do this alone so sit down, have a cuppa and realize how many friends you have here that are always willing to help. Sending love to you.

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Dear Mrs T1, I agree with Jean2, please reconsider and don’t leave it has been good to chat to you and you are not on your own, we are all in the same boat. Sending you a virtual hug. Margarita