Feeling the strain

15 week in after loosing my husband and it’s killing me. There are days when I just get up and get on with day to day stuff house work , going to work etc, then there are days when I just don’t cope at all and don’t want to get dressed I just want to sit and cry and cry .
I miss him more than words can say but never in a million years did I think it would be this tough , obviously I knew it wasn’t going to be easy .

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I am so sorry Kazzer that you are feeling like this, I do understand, the last 2 days have been terrible for me and I am 16 months without my husband.

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Mary L it’s just shocking isn’t it and so painful . I’m just thankful I have two children and two grandchildren to keep me going and help me get through it .
I’m supporting a friend who lost her husband a week ago and she is struggling too I have recommended this site to her because I have founded so much comfort here .
Thank you for your reply take care :heart: Karen x

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@Kazzer I guess our partners must have died around the same time. Some days I cannot find any enthusiasm to do anything, other days I can function and get things done. It is still very early days, I haven’t found a proper routine, on the bad days I just try and be easy on myself.
Please look after yourself


Richard M it’s just so hard some days as you know . Sometime these bad days just come without any trigger or memory . Christmas just isn’t going to be the same this year as it’s the first one without him and all the restrictions that are in place from the government , but I suppose just like every other day we will get through it somehow . Take care Richard and I hope you have a good Christmas and new year x :blue_heart:

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Thank you, Karen, you are so right, the pain never goes away but some days are far worse than others. Take care. x x x x

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I know what you mean when you say you knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I feel the same at the minute too. I knew at some point in my life I was going to lose my Mum, and that it would be hard, but I never imagined for a second just how empty it would leave me feeling.

Grief is such an up and down experience isn’t it? Like you I have my days where I am able to get on with my day but then the very next day, or even the same day, I find myself crying uncontrollably. I guess what I am trying to say is that I hope you know you’re not alone… Sometimes I feel so lonely, even when I am surrounded by my family or boyfriend… but I think speaking to people who understand what you’re going through is a real comfort and I hope you can find that on here too. Also, allow yourself to feel sad when you do, it’s completely normal and it just shows how much you love him! The love we have for them is so intense that losing them literally feels like something has been ripped out of you doesn’t it? :sleepy:

Thinking of you during this difficult period, I don’t know how you’re coping during this Christmas period but it is proving extremely difficult at the minute. Just know that the love you have for your husband, he also has for you and he will be there with you through it all :heartbeat:

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