Feeling unsettled wherever I go

For context, my fiancé died in November of last year. I been doing the counselling and have been carrying on with life.
The problem I’m having is that wherever I am, I cannot seem to feel settled. For work I am an Entertainer at a UK Holiday Resort which means I move around a lot. I thought, at first, it was just the fact that I am in a new location that I have not got used to.
I returned “home” to my parents house thinking that perhaps it would ease these anxieties and I would feel better but even being there, surrounded by people who love me, I cannot seem to settle.
No matter where I am the world doesn’t feel the same, nowhere feels like home and I’m finding myself feeling the urge to keep on running from location to location looking for that feeling of home.
Did anyone else feel like this after the loss of a loved one? Did anyone else struggle to feel comfort or peace wherever they were?


Yes ! If you don’t mind me suggesting this it may be,( certainly is in my case,) that you are trying to run away from the absolute pain of loss but sadly wherever we go we can never leave it behind.
I can understand quite easily how you feel,again I can only refer to my experience but it’s the fight or flight syndrome,my example being that I leave home early morning and walk until my feet are too painful to go on,I take food and coffee and park up,then I park up somewhere else and this goes on all day every day because I’m trying to run away from the pain of losing my wife.
It’s a kind of temporary insanity that I just can’t break out of,yet.


Bless you @miker , I hope things get easier for you . Maybe counselling and help from doctor may help