feeling worse 7 months on

Hi all

I lost my mum in March as some of you may know from chatting on here.

I would say in the past 6 weeks I feel like I have been coping less well with how I feel and after a difficult couple of weeks I went to the doctors yesterday. He was really nice and said he would put me on the waiting list for bereavement counselling. I also suffer from anxiety I have done for most of my life so that doesn’t help me either.

I feel tearful more often than I did initially. Although I have always been distraught about losing my mum I feel like I was numb for months and that as time goes on my feelings have become more raw if that makes sense.

I try to hold my head up and get on with day to day life. My mum would have been very upset to think of me being such a mess and I try to be strong. Besides the fact I have a beautiful family, husband and children who all need me to be me and not an emotional wreck.

Any advice welcome, has anyone else experienced the grief being worse months down the road?



Hi louise, I know how you feel. I lost my lovely mum nearly 11 months ago and some days I feel that I can’t go on without her…I miss her terribly. I’ve just had my 1st birthday without her…dreading 1st anniversary…its not getting any easier at the moment. I think of all the things we will never do together again and it breaks my heart. .not a day goes by when I’m not in tears. I’m hoping it will get better for us. Take care x

I feel exactly the same. I lost my mam 6 months ago yesterday, it was very sudden and completely out of the blue. It would’ve been her 70th birthday 2 week’s ago. Up until then, I thought I was coping well, I too have a young family and work full time so I have kept myself busy. Her birthday has knocked me for six! I have struggled to get by ever since. I have stuff going on with the kids and I just want to talk to my mam. I feel like I miss her more and more, I can’t bare this constant pain and sadness. I can’t see and end to it, but part of me doesn’t really want to, if that makes sense. How can it not hurt, not having my mam with me?

Hi Devastated and Suzy

Thank you for your replies.

Its so terrible missing our mums isn’t it. You both sound like you were close to your mums like me and my mum were. The hardest thing is feeling as broken as we do it would normally be our mums that we turn to for a shoulder to cry on or for support. I know my mum would not want to see me not coping and for that and my kids I try to stay strong but its so hard isn’t it.

I agree Suzy, how can it ever not hurt not having your mum with you maybe time does dull the heartache I don’t know? My mums birthday is next month I’m dreading that, in fact il be dreading Christmas day as she always had dinner with us but I know we have to get on with it and the kids will no doubt keep me busy.

Take care