Feeling guilty about crying being weak

Dear Andrew,

Since when is crying a sign of weakness? You have lost your son, and surely your tears are a way to express your love for him and your grief about his loss? It must be one of te hardest experiences any parent could ever go through. How old was your son? Do you have people you can talk to about him and about your feelings who can support you?


Thomas was 27 with duchene musiclar dystrophy I do have a wife and daughter we are all dealing with it differently I’m having pts phone counselling not keen on. 1 day I’m laughing then I’m crying it’s so hard to explain

So sorry you lost your son at such a youn age to such a debilitating disease. It must have been heartbreaking for your family to see this disease destroy his body. I hope that all 3 of you are gettng the support you need and that your counseling sessions will work out for you.

Thanks for your lovely message and support

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Oh my goodness Andrew 65 don’t ever think crying shows you are weak, crying shows what a BIG heart you have and that you are a kind caring person. I think that is something you should be very proud of , and if anyone can’t see that then they have a problem not you. I don’t feel you should ever apologise for showing you are human . Take care jss.

Maybe it’s something I have to get my head round thanks for your kind words