Are my feelings normal feel angry that my husband left me angry at the life we should be living heartbroken that he won’t see our eldest granddaughter first day of school or watch her grow up and never got to meet our new granddaughter my emotions are still so raw was just starting to come to terms with losing my mum the year before to cancer at least we new mum time was limited but my husband was sudden


You have a right to be angry, to be honest when my daughter died suddenly l was angry with the world. . It’s part of the grieving process .
Then I just realised I didn’t know who to be angry with. Then my parents died and now my husband suddenly.
Now I feel numb it’s hard not to feel fed up but I know my husband and daughter would not want that. Also until you go through this people cannot imagine what you are going through xx


Angry yes , all part of it but don’t worry in time it passes.

We are all different, it’s the biggest thing I’ve learned and the fact there’s no book on how you should behave.Just go with it and see if you can come out the other side , I am .

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Thank you feel better nowing that I’m not alone

Thank you for your kind words