Filled with anger and hatred

Does anyone else feel anger and hatred for the world?
My emotions have changed so much over the years, I was living in a state of shock for a long while, just trying to get through the days.
The sadness and despair never go away, but for the last year or so I have felt so much anger, I hate the person I have become.

Yes, since jan this year. What im going to say sounds mean but it just goes round and round in my head.the amount of people i know of that have had cancer and are still here and are better or cured and hes the only one who isnt…makes me so angry

Hi Marie

It’s perfectly normal to feel sad and upset, but I was told hate is a feeling that is not good for anyone! hate will eat away at you and destroy your life and all those around you, and I do honestly believe that hate will stay with you?right till the end…I’m desperately trying to end my feelings of hate.a homeless drug addict alcoholic bumped me in town last week and the overwhelming feeling that this Pathetic week excuse of a human being is walking around and breathing, and my mum has died? so I hate him, and I hate the council the drug dealers politicians, and the last to hate I hate god. I got into trouble with my kids and other family members and law enforcement, all because I can’t let it go, I’m gonna give it my best shot and forgive and forget is a far better option going forward and I would encourage anybody to do the same

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate ;only love can do that”