Finally got a tattoo

Hi. I’ve not been on here for quite a while. I’ve finally got a tattoo of a photo I took holding her hand 20 minutes before she left me. I was also holding her hand when she left. the date is when we were married IMG_20201207_131537|394x500


Lovely tatoo

Lovely idea xxx

Aw that is beautiful.How are you Jay? You have been missed on here. Thinking g of you and hope you are feeling a bit stronger.

Beautiful x

Hi Jay
The tattoo is beautiful well done I hope you are coping better as well as you can

Yes thank you. I am a lot better mentally. It’s still very difficult and lonely but I’ve got to get used to this new life. Like everyone I still have those days of dispare and Miss her do much. Just can’t believe how much time has past. Not looking forward to Christmas which I’m not doing this year. Hope you’re all ok and surviving these lockdowns.

Hi glad to here mentally your doing better we have to get on with it hard very hard our lives are different how’s your cat

He’s spoilt but very good company. Thanks for asking.

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Hi @JayandAllison, Your tattoo is beautiful and so meaningful. I have thought long and hard about getting one but want it to mean something. You have strengthened my wish.

What a wonderful idea, I need a tattoo redoing, so I’m going to ask if they can do my sisters name, I know we don’t need constant reminders but I think I would take great comfort from having this done. I lost my sister suddenly 4 months ago and I have made memory cushions from her jumpers, for her dearest, I gave one of her close friends a cushion yesterday and her response was beautiful and she couldn’t thank me enough.


That’s good. I never wanted one but it was a way to keep her permanently with me. I’m glad I have it.

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